The purpose of the study was to examine fall 2019 first-year student retention during COVID-19. The survey instrument was 11 items in length as was intended to measure the following five areas:

● Intent to return in fall 2020;
● Identify why students are not planning to return in fall 2020 (where applicable);
● Learn about first-year student experiences during the pandemic;
● Identify areas of student worries about the upcoming fall 2020 semester;
● Assess resources that students do and do not have access to for remote learning.

The Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE) collects data about entering students prior academic and co-curricular experiences, as well as their expectations for participating in educationally purposeful activities during the coming college year. The BCSSE is administered to first-year, incoming transfer, and delayed-entry students. BCSSE had common content for all students regarding their academic expectations and perceptions for the coming year. Examples include student expectations to work collaboratively with their peers, as well as expectations regarding academic help seeking. There are also BCSSE questions specific to first-year, transfer, and delayed-entry students. These targeted questions provide a more in-depth understanding of each of these unique groups of students. 

BCSSE 2019 Reports:

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) measures student engagement through 10 Engagement Indicators and 6 High Impact Practices. The survey is administered at San Francisco State every three years. Results from the most recent 2020 administration are posted below. 

Engagement Indicators & HIPs Handout

NSSE 2020 Reports:


Note: For results from earlier surveys, please contact SF State's Office of Institutional Research.

Graduating seniors are given the opportunity to participate in the San Francisco State Senior Exit Survey at the time they apply for graduation. The online survey consists of 40 items and is designed to capture student satisfaction with their San Francisco State experience. 

Recent San Francisco State Senior Exit Survey reports are posted below.

San Francisco State Senior Exit Survey Reports:

The Fall 2017 Students who Left Study was a collaborative effort conducted by San Francisco State University’s First-Year Experience Team, the Office of Institutional Research, and the Office of Developmental Studies and Retention Specialists. The central goal of the study was to identify common factors which contribute to first-year students not retaining. View the comprehensive report and PowerPoint Presentation below:

Fall 2019 Transfer Student Survey was a collaborative effort conducted by San Francisco State University’s Transfer Advisory Committee and Institutional Research.

The survey covers specific aspects of the transfer student experience at SF State, including the initial transition from a previous institution; students' assessment of their engagement and sense of belonging in the community; and their perceptions of SF State's commitment to supporting transfer students.

View the comprehensive report and PowerPoint Presentation below: